Hollywood couple Jerry O'connell and Rebecca Romijn have teamed up on the small screen.

O'Connell will appear as a rival of Romijn's Tv private eye Michelle Maxwell on her new U.S. show King & Maxwell on Monday night (15Jul13), and he admits it was a lot of fun acting alongside his wife.

He tells Tv Guide magazine, "When she comes home from work, she tells me everything that happened on set, so I like to see what I've been hearing about. There was initially talk about me possibly playing her brother on King & Maxwell, but everybody thought it was a little too weird.

"I get to accuse her character of wearing a wire as an excuse to pat her down. I totally got to feel her up. Other actors would have to ask, 'Is it Ok if I caress your inner thigh?', whereas I was like, 'It's gonna go down, just be ready.' I loved it."