British comedy FAT SLAGS has been labelled a flop before even hitting cinemas in Britain.

The movie, based on the British comic strip of the same name, won't even have a star-studded premiere - much to the horror of its stars Jerry O'connell, Naomi Campbell and Geri Halliwell.

The movie was originally heralded as the British comedy of the summer but its release was put back after negative screen tests. Now the film is being released on Friday (15OCT04) with little fuss. Producers originally said that there would be no premiere because the movie's stars are unavailable, but that is not the reality.

An insider says, "The truth is that no one wanted to spend thousands of pounds promoting a turkey. A London premiere costs at least GBP50,000 ($90,000) to GBP100,000 ($180,000) and there was no way good money was going to be thrown after bad.

"Stars such as Geri and Naomi weren't even aware it would be out this week and there are many people who are privately wishing it had never been made.

"Hardly anyone is aware the film is coming out on Friday. The tactic has obviously been to get it out there and hope for the best. Having a big premiere would not only have wasted money, it would have drawn more attention to what is, essentially, a poor movie.

"Many critics haven't been made aware of the release, which again is very unusual. The whole thing just smacks of embarrassment."

The film, which stars British comediennes FIONA ALLEN and SANDRA THOMPSON in the lead roles, was slammed by audiences at test screenings earlier this year (04).

12/10/2004 13:51