Jerry Lewis, the legendary American comedian, was rushed to hospital in Sydney today (24th June 2011), just minutes before he was due on stage. The 85-year-old entertainer had to cancel his show at the Rooty Hill Rsl after being unable to step out of the car he arrived at the venue in, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
The Hollywood veteran best known for his slapstick humour, has been in Australia performing a series of shows for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. The charity's Ceo David Jack issued a statement noting, "We would like to apologise to people who purchased tickets for tonight's show, but in unforeseen circumstances Jerry was not well enough to take the stage". After being driven to the hospital, Lewis was admitted for tests but there was no immediate comment on his condition. The comedian had shown no signs of illness earlier in the day when he conducted a series of newspaper, television and radio interviews. Lewis first arrived in Australia on Monday (27th June 2011) and performed at a gala dinner for 250 people in Brisbane on Wednesday.
Jerry Lewis initially gained fame in the 1940's after forming a comedic double act with the singer Dean Martin. The pair, known as 'Martin and Lewis', became hugely successful and inspired the best-selling DC Comic book series 'The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis'.