Jerry Hall's personal details, written on an airport landing card, have been sold on internet auction site eBay. A number of cards, written by celebrities including Hall, comedian Barry Humphries and ABBA star BJORN ULVAEUS were auctioned off on the site by a seller only known as "smittenkitten". An unnamed bidder, who snapped up all the cards, insists his interest is innocent - but claims he has all the information he would need to track the stars down and even steal their identities. He says, "When I saw that there were signed items from stars being sold, I thought they would be a decent thing to own. "It was only when I took a closer look that I realised a load of their personal details were contained on the cards. "As well as their full name, date of birth, occupation and their address in the UK. There really is everything you would need to track somebody down."