Jerry Hall's family and friends are deeply worried after the model-turned-actress spent most of Sunday's BAFTA AWARDS (15FEB04) telling fellow guests she was "f***ed up" over her troubled love life.

The former wife of Rolling Stones frontman SIR Mick Jagger is feeling desperately lonely after her latest relationship with explorer BENEDICT ALLEN floundered, and she is now particularly anxious to find true love.

She lamented, "I'm f***ed up. I had a horrific childhood and it has left me f***ed up. Of all the things in life I want, I want to find love the most.

"I have known some fantastic people, and I am very lucky in that I have four amazing children - I am grateful for that - but there is a hold in my life that can only be filled by love.

"I have been searching for it all my life, but it looks like I'm not very good at finding it."

And Jerry - who divorced Jagger in 1999 after his ex-lover LUCIANA MORAD gave birth to his son LUCAS - says she has only returned to acting in order to block out the loneliness.

She adds, "I feel empty. I act because it fills the time. It feeds me. But, finally, it doesn't scare me, or challenge me. You know what the greatest challenge is? Love. It is love that I have never managed, that I have yet to conquer."

20/02/2004 17:12