Jerry Hall wants to grow old gracefully.

The former model believes women who turn to cosmetic surgery to combat ageing are ''lunatics'' and refuses to have botox because it is ''poison''.

She explained in an article for the Daily Mail newspaper's Life and Style section: ''Some women of my age swear by the odd nip and tuck but I think it makes perfectly intelligent women look like lunatics.

''I've always said I won't go there and haven't changed my mind. I'm going to grow old gracefully instead.''

She added: ''I'm against botox too. For one thing, it's very bad for your health to put poison in your forehead, and for another, if you paralyse the expression, you don't feel emotions properly.''

Instead, Jerry, 58, maintains her slender frame and glowing skin through a combination of a healthy diet and daily exercise.

She said: ''Of course I watch what I eat - a lot of protein and vegetables, not many carbohydrates, no sugar and never desserts - but I like a good glass of wine if I go out for dinner.

''I always used to say housework and my love life were enough to keep me trim - but these days I swim, walk the dog, and do yoga twice a week to stay in shape. Every morning I do sit-ups and about three times a week, I lift little dumb-bells to keep my upper arms firm.

''I you have good posture and you keep your stomach flat and your arms slender, that keeps your looking younger than any amount of surgery.''

The blonde beauty - who was married to Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger for 23 years - also swears by slathering olive oil onto her skin to keep it supple, as well as her famous blonde locks for softness and shine.

She explained: ''At work my hair takes a lot of punishment from hot rollers and curling tongs but olive oil keeps it beautifully shiny.

''And slathering olive oil on my skin once a week, just like I do to my hair, makes sure it stays soft.''