Jerry Hall thinks it would be ''nice'' to get married again.

The Texan supermodel - who briefly dated scientist Armand Leroi last year - has been largely single since splitting from Sir Mick Jagger in 1999 and she would love to ''settle down'' and find companionship with someone new.

She said: ''I had a nice time last year. But we called it quits. I don't get propositioned by anybody as much as I used to.

''I'd like to settle down with someone. There's nothing nicer than someone who is loving and caring.

''Getting married again is a nice idea. Actually I don't think you'd need to get married, it's the company that would be nice.

''But I haven't met the right person to get married to since my divorce from Mick.''

Though 59-year-old Jerry has remained close to Mick - the father of her children Lizzie, 31, James, 30, Georgia, 23, and 17-year-old Gabriel - she insists she would never romantically reconcile with the ''womanising'' Rolling Stones rocker.

She added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper:

''Being faithful is in my nature, I prefer being with one person.

''Mick and I got on really well, but there was the whole womanising thing.

''I don't think we'd ever get back together. We had 23 years and four children - he's a fantastic father and a great friend.''

Though she turns 60 next year, Jerry isn't worried about getting older.

She said: ''I'm looking forward to being the matriarch of my family... getting older and being respected as the wise person

''I think I'll feel very proud [to turn 60]. I'm going to have a huge party. It'll be great.''