Texan beauty Jerry Hall is adding another role to her list of talents - a rap star.

The ex-wife of ROLLING STONE star SIR Mick Jagger, 47, has dabbled in acting, studying, TV presenting, stocking design, parenting and modelling and has now set her sights on the music charts.

Hall explains, "I never thought of singing on a Stones tour.

"I'm not doing this because I want to try and prove I can be a rock singer - I'm just doing it for fun."

Hall was persuaded to record the track by her former partner's ex-bandmate Bill Wyman and hopes to have it on sale at Christmas (04).

Hall adds, "I told him I couldn't sing and he said, 'I want you to talk-sing,' so I guess you could say I'm doing a rap.

"The single is two naughty songs. One's called I'LL LET YOU PLAY WITH MY LITTLE YO-YO and the other is COS IT FEELS SO GOOD."

05/05/2004 17:24