Jerry Hall is to interview her ex-husband Mick Jagger for her new BBC show.

The Texan model and actress will tackle ROLLING STONES star Jagger on his experiences of spirituality and his meetings with the MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI.

Their chat forms part of JERRY HALL'S GURUS, her series for British digital channel BBC3, to be screened this autumn (03).

During their interview, noted romeo Jagger claims the Greek God which most closely represents him is DIONYSUS - the God of wine and fertility. He is also the patron God of the stage.

Television bosses had no idea Hall was planning to question her ex for the show when they gave it the go-ahead. BBC3 controller STUART MURPHY says, "There are lots of people she brought in when you see the episodes."

In the series, Hall looks at the world of gurus and the celebrities who are guided by them. Jagger met the Maharishi - who also had a profound impact on THE BEATLES - in 1968 at a conference in Bangor, north Wales.

A BBC spokesman says, "Jerry asks Mick about the impact and significance of the Maharishi at the time and asks whether he could be considered to be the first celebrity guru."

21/08/2003 09:32