Jerry Hall has blasted ''silly looking'' Botox injections.

The former model - the ex-wife of Sir Mick Jagger - has spoken out against the wrinkle-smoothing treatment and after admitting that she thinks celebrities look ''silly'' after having the wrinkle-reducing procedure.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, she vented: ''I am very against it. I think it looks silly - people with mean-looking eyebrows.''

Jerry insists she doesn't get her clear complexion from following a particularly healthy lifestyle because she has and still does enjoy drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and she regularly sun bathes, despite medical advice being against all three things.

She joked: ''I am 58. That is pretty old, for God's sake. I look pretty good for my age, and I am enjoying that.

''But I smoke, I drink, I like wine, I love sun tanning, I drink coffee. I am doing all sorts of things I shouldn't do.''

Instead the statuesque beauty explained that she doesn't let the stress of ageing bother her and that is reflected in her skin.

Jerry - who is in a relationship with Professor Armand Leroi - said: ''I think you feel less stressed at my age. You are not so bothered - everything is water off a duck's back. It is something that happens with age; I am not bothered about anything. What will happen will happen.''

Her slim figure isn't the result of working out in the gym or with the help of a personal trainer either, as the mother-of-four explained that she gets her enviable physique from doing lots of housework.

She quipped: ''You can burn a lot of calories mopping the house!''