Jerry Hall often wishes she were still married to longterm partner SIR Mick Jagger, but knows she had to leave him because of his infidelity.

The model-turned-actress is still incredibly fond of the rocker, but only has to remember how unhappy she was towards the end of their union to realise she is better of without him.

Hall - who is currently dating a mystery man - says, "Of course I often do (wish we were still married).

"I still love him. But it made me so unhappy. I was unable to do anything because I felt so depressed."

And Hall admits her burgeoning acting career is one very positive side effect of her split with Jagger.

She explains, "If you're in an unhappy relationship, it's bad for your self-esteem. You have so many ups and downs that you can't be consistent enough to do something as stressful as acting."