Texan model Jerry Hall caught the incurable Epstein-Barr virus from her own son - after nursing him back to health when he was suffering from it. The actress was forced to pull out of two theatre shows as a result of the condition, which she contracted when son James fell sick in 2004. Hall became so ill that year she gave up on her one-woman stage show MY DARLIN' JANEY. Her second brush with the virus in November (05) left her bedridden for months and forced her to quit another starring role in show HIGH SOCIETY in London's West End. Hall says, "I caught it from my son James, who's 20. I was fine while I nursed him but then a few weeks later, I got really sick, too. I was really ill. "It turned into a post-viral fatigue, which knocked me out for months. "It was a shame I had to drop out of my play, but now I have more time and I'm enjoying spending time around the house. I've always liked feeding plants and baking. I've even taken up needlepoint!"