Texan beauty Jerry Hall loved spending time with late artist Andy Warhol, because he was her only friend who didn't take drugs.

The supermodel admits Warhol saved her from boredom at many drug-fuelled parties, as they bonded over their clean living principles.

Hall, who is descended from a long line of US sheriffs, rowed extensively with her long-term partner SIR Mick Jagger over his substance excesses and hates the seediness of the drugs scene.

She says, "Andy Warhol and I used to see each other three times a week for 10 years. We were great friends.

"Andy and I didn't take drugs, so we would hang out together because everybody else took drugs. I hate being stoned and out of it. All the men in my family were sheriffs and Texas rangers, so I'm terrified of going against the law."