Blockbuster movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua have teamed up to revisit King Arthur's medieval world.

The dynamic duo will recreate Camelot in Ireland with Clive Owen as Arthur, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star Keira Knightley playing QUEEN GUINEVERE and THE HOURS' STEPHEN DILLANE taking on the role of the wizard MERLIN.

Bruckheimer has done his homework and plans to make sure his Arthurian is grittier and more honest than any other.

He says, "Arthur was a Roman sent to Britain to protect and occupy the country and the Knights Of The Round Table were Russians who were great horsemen.

"Merlin was an indigenous Brit who wanted the Romans out - until the barbaric Saxons invaded England. He and Arthur then joined forces to repel them."

16/05/2003 19:58