The 87-year-old was visiting his doctor for a routine check-up last week when he started to feel ill. Joe was admitted to a local Los Angeles medical centre, where he currently remains under care.

According to, doctors have yet to establish the nature of Joe's medical issues, which reportedly left him feeling weak and suffering from a high fever.

However, son Jermaine claims his dad is a fighter who is bouncing back from the minor health setback.

"My father's doing much better," he told the website. "We were all worried, but he's doing much better. He's much healthier and we're very happy about that... He was doing a normal check-up, but he... got weak and they admitted him (to hospital). He was not doing well...

The singer continued, "He's just tired, he's 87, we're trying to hold on to him as long as we can. My father's very strong, he's up there (in his hospital bed) telling jokes... but he's doing fine."

Meanwhile, Jermaine's sister La Toya Jackson also hinted at the family drama by urging her Twitter followers to "appreciate your love ones (sic)!", adding, "Their precious nothing last forever (sic)!"