Jermaine Jackson has slammed Dr. Conrad Murray's four year jail sentence as "not enough time".

The medic was given the maximum penalty for the involuntary manslaughter of Jermaine's brother Michael - who died from acute Propofol intoxication in 2009 - but the musician's sibling believes Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor was too lenient with his ruling today (29.11.11).

As he left the courtroom, following the verdict in Los Angeles, Jermaine told E! News: "It wasn't enough time."

However, his sister Latoya was happy, saying: "Justice was served. Now we just have to deal with the jail overcrowding."

Longtime family friend Kathy Hilton, who accompanied LaToya to court, added: "They were complaining about [Murray] being in an eight-foot jail cell, Michael is in a box forever."

It is unclear how long Conrad will actually serve with District Attorney Steve Cooley commenting: "This is one of the great mysteries of life: What amount of time is someone going to actually do when they're sentenced to do so by a judge?"

Los Angeles Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, explained: "As far as the Sheriff is concerned, after the state takes away two years and he gets credit for time served, he will do a little less than two years."