Jermaine Jackson: 'Michael's Death Trial Is Not About Money' - Comments and Message Board

I think what gets me the most is when others have had wrongful death suits, THEY WERE "ASKING" FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT, but when it comes to this family THEY ARE "DEMANDING" MONEY! This is the negative type things that media like TMZ and yes Contact Music reports when it comes to this family which has become mostly this campaign of ANTI-JACKSON EVERYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR BOGUS REPORTING. When it comes to most celebrity's tabloids media make their rates and money by lying about these people's lives so you have to question "facts" that are repeated by Contact Music and others when they get their facts, from The Sun or the Inquirer and any other paper from overseas! People hate the fact and will never understand it when people of means lose a loved one and are not satisfied with a verdict so they have a wrongful death trial where you can only win money. Funny how people understood it when Ron Goldman's parents went after OJ for wrongful death because they didn't like the facts presented nor were they happy with the verdict OJ got, but The Jackson's shouldn't have the same rights?

Posted 4 years 2 weeks ago by YANNI54

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