Jermaine Jackson claims his father Joe is "misunderstood".

The star claims his brother Michael - who died in June of acute Propofol intoxication aged 50 - made many allegations against his father Joe when he was alive that were untrue.

He said: "He's probably, second to Michael, one of the most misunderstood people. And my father is the reason we're sitting her right now. And because of all the discipline - like we didn't understand it then - but now we do, very clearly."

Michael claimed he'd suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his father as he turned his sons into the Jackson 5, but Jermaine insists Michael - who started singing in the group at the age of eight - had been too young to understand.

He told 'Access Hollywood': "Michael being one of the youngest at the time, didn't understand. My father is no different from any other father that just wanted things a certain way and it was not abuse."