Hip-hop and R+B producer Jermaine Dupri was on his best behaviour when he first met girlfriend Janet Jackson's family - because he knew he'd be on the wrong end of a beating if he disrespected them in any way.

The young mogul admits he wasn't overcome by the fact that he was meeting the entire Jackson clan, but he knew they'd act like any other black family if he didn't appear to be the perfect gentleman.

He recalls, "I do think about like, 'OK, they are her older brothers - you can't just be a disrespectful n**ga! Them n**gas will beat your a*s.'

"They are a real black family. You gotta take that into consideration. Sometimes people get it twisted - I know they (sic) popular, but this is a real black family. It's real n**ga s**t going on."

28/07/2005 09:17