Rap mogul Jermaine Dupri is set to revamp charity single WE ARE THE WORLD at a post-Grammy Awards party.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based star has called upon a host of new acts who didn't perform on the original USA FOR AFRICA single 20 years ago to take time out of their Grammy night (13FEB05) celebrations to sing for him.

Dupri says, "It's called WE ARE THE FUTURE. Quincy Jones called me, he asked me to do it. We're just gonna make it something extravagant.

"We gonna try to re-create, follow in the footsteps of those who made a big record before, like MICHAEL (JACKSON), Quincy and Lionel Richie."

The track will be recorded in the same A+M studios where the original charity single was recorded in 1985.

Dupri adds, "Hopefully Usher will be there, KANYE (WEST), Jay-Z... all the bigwigs. We want to do what they did way back when. I'm looking forward to that.

"That's something you give your heart to. For Quincy to call me, that's my idol. I'm trying to make sure it's right."

The 20th anniversary BAND AID single, DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? was recorded in London last month (NOV04) and shot straight to number one in the UK singles chart.

09/12/2004 21:24