Rap mogul Jermaine Dupri has teamed up with luxury brand Cartier to create a series of limited-edition eyewear to benefit America's Hurricane Relief Fund.

Each pair will include Dupri's signature and Cartier's 'C' logo.

He tells AllHipHop.com, "I've been a long time supporter of Cartier and they know this.

"So, I was in the store one day getting something fixed and the thought (to create the eyewear) came to my mind. I asked for the manager and I'm thinking they gonna say 'hell no'. But they took a shot and thought it was a cool idea.

"I wanted to do something that had my thoughts and prayers on it, so I was thinking of something special that would let the victims know I really care."

The glasses, which are valued at $1,500 (GBP833) each, are being sold exclusively at the Cartier boutique in Atlanta, Georgia.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to The Atlanta Community Food Bank and City of Refuge - both local liaisons for the Hurricane Relief Fund.