Rap mogul Jermaine Dupri is thrilled with Mariah Carey's triumphant return to the pop charts, because it has silenced the critics who branded her "crazy" in recent years.

Carey experienced a career low in 2001, when her movie GLITTER and its soundtrack flopped and endured critical maulings - just as the singer suffered a breakdown.

But since the release of her album The Emancipation Of Mimi earlier this year (05), Carey has dominated the charts with an onslaught of hit singles - and silenced her critics.

Dupri, who worked with Carey on the album, says, "This year, she came back and picked up her crown. She's a great, loving person with a really warm heart...

"A year or two ago, people were calling me asking, 'Is Mariah crazy? How do you feel about her losing her mind?' And all those people who said bad things about Mariah, well, they're trying to get an interview with her now!

"I was sick of people dissing my friend, so I'm really happy to be talking about her now as one of the artists of the year."