Hip-hop and R+B mogul Jermaine Dupri has dubbed himself ANAKIN because he feels he's being disrespected by his music industry elders. The producer and rapper admits he empathises with the Star Wars hero-turned-villain, who becomes DARTH VADER, because he rarely gets the respect he feels he deserves for pumping out hit after hit with the likes of Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. He tells men's magazine Blender, "When I watched Star Wars and saw what they did to Anakin, I didn't feel alone anymore. I knew that this had happened to someone else. "When you're the youngest, older people don't want to see you succeed... Even if you're number one, there are people who make you feel like you're number 15... I can't be number one until they decide to let me." And Dupri claims it was his jealous elders who wrecked the post-Grammys party he staged with Carey in February (06). The star-studded Beverly Hills party was shut down by police. He says, "It was a beautiful party. The guest list was incredible: Jay-Z, Beyonce, BRITNEY (SPEARS), Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Stevie Wonder and the cops (are) gonna come? "Once again, I think this was someone out there putting their finger down, saying, 'Naw, this isn't gonna happen.' They don't want me to succeed."