Jeremy Slate, the versatile actor who co-wrote and starred in the cult film HELL'S ANGELS '69 and went on to appear in the daytime television drama ONE LIFE TO LIVE, has died. He was 80. Slate died at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Sunday (19NOV06) of complications after surgery for oesophageal cancer, according to his agent BONNIE BLACK. He gained fame in the early 1960s on the television series THE AQUANAUTS and a few years later appeared alongside Elvis Presley in GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!. The actor guest-starred on nearly 100 television shows, including GUNSMOKE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, Bewitched and POLICE STORY. Slate played Chuck Wilson on soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE from 1979-1987, his longest-running role. Most recently, he appeared on the hit sitcom MY NAME IS EARL. Often cast as a tough guy, Slate appeared during the late 1960s in a string of biker films, including THE BORN LOSERS and Hells Angels '69, which he also co-wrote.