Tony Gilroy has described the run of 'The Bourne Franchise' as a "shambolic success" as anticipation hits fever pitch ahead of the latest instalment's release tomorrow (August 10th). Matt Damon isn't returning for a run out, but there's still a strong cast assembled for the film, including Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Ed Norton.
Reflecting on the past four films, director Gilroy commented to Vulture "It's been somewhat well documented that [the Bourne franchise] not been well organised; it's not been the space programme. It's been a very shambolic success."
He went on to speak about it more positively, however, commenting "Still, there's something about the Dna that got started in the beginning . . . there's been an integrity to it, and I think having Matt Damon pin that integrity down and having Doug Liman's funky, dirty-on-the-ground filmmaking and Paul [Greengrass's] journalistic integrity, that's helped." Continuing, he added "As bent and crazy as the process got, and as many people didn't get along, no-one ever tarnished that basic element of truth, and that's been the one thing that's held it together." With Damon gone though, many are going to be keen to see how the new cast manages to cope within the parameters of the Bourne aesthetic, with the jury out on whether this might be one instalment too far for the series.