Many box office pundits had predicted that The Expendables 2 would earn significantly more than the $34.8 million that the original raked in in its debut two years ago, with many forecasting a haul in the neighborhood of $35-40 million. It didn't turn out that way. The film actually earned $28.6 million, certainly indicating that it will wind up becoming profitable for Lionsgate but also suggesting there won't be an Expendables 3 . Also in doubt is the continued franchise potential of Universal's Bourne films after the second week of the first movie to star Jeremy Renner brought in $17.1 million to raise its 10-day total to $69.6 million. It too will probably produce a profit but not the massive kind that the earlier ones starring Matt Damon did. But while a another sequel starring Renner may be in doubt, one that would unite Renner and Damon has been rumored (such a sequel appeared to be set up in the new movie, with much discussion about the whereabouts of Damon's character) and could produce a windfall. Focus Features' animated ParaNorman debuted in third place with $14.1 million, about what was expected. Another newcomer, Sparkle , starring Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston, also appears fairly certain to become profitable. Although it only earned $11.6 million in its debut, it reportedly cost just $14 million to produce. Yet a fourth entry in the box office race, The Odd Life of Timothy Green , which got a head start on Wednesday, wound up with $10.8 million for the weekend and $15.1 million from Wednesday. Overall, the box office was up 19.6 percent from the comparable weekend a year ago, when, in its second week, The Help took over first place at the box office with $20 million, down just 23 percent from its opening a week earlier.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date) 1. The Expendables 2 , Lionsgate, $28,591,370, (New); 2. The Bourne Legacy , Universal, $17,057,385, 2 Wks. ($69,618,465); 3. ParaNorman, Focus, $14,087,050, (New); 4. The Campaign , Warner Bros., $13,127,289, 2 Wks. ($51,435,826); 5. Sparkle , Sony/Tristar, $11,643,342, (New); 6. The Dark Knight Rises , Warner Bros., $11,011,349, 5 Wks. ($409,787,260); 7. The Odd Life of Timothy Green , Disney, $10,822,903, 1 Wk. , ($15,100,918 -- From Wednesday); 8. Hope Springs , Sony, $9,111,529, 2 Wks. ($35,063,321); 9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days , 20th Century Fox, $3,834,737, 3 Wks. ($38,747,058); 10. Total Recall , Sony, $3,472,829, 3 Wks. ($51,755,272).