Hollywood action star Jeremy Renner had a narrow escape in Thailand this week when a dispute in a Phuket Town bar turned into a full-blown brawl. A member of the actor's party - Vorasit Issara - was stabbed in the stomach and slashed multiple times before being rushed to a Bangkok Hospital, according to Phuket News newspaper.
Renner, who stars in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, was socializing at the Rachada Pub early on Wednesday (January 4, 2012) when individuals armed with knives, homemade axes, metal pipes and wooden clubs began fighting with Issara, a luxury resort manager who was with Renner at the time. The actor's spokespeople confirmed he was at the bar, but denied reports he had been severely beaten, telling the New York Daily News, "He was not injured or involved.The fight broke out, he exited". The publicist also confirmed Jeremy was in Manila working on his forthcoming movie 'The Bourne Legacy', in which he takes over from Matt Damon in the lead role. So far, six men have been arrested in connection with the bar right, which also left Issara's driver with severe injuries. Authorities reportedly found a battle-axe stashed away at the venue. The pub had been shuttered from around two hours, because the incident took place around 3.30am - after the official closing hours for bars in Phuket Town.
Nominated for two Academy Awards, Renner rose to fame after playing the maverick bomb disposal expert William James in The Hurt Locker. As well as The Bourne Legacy, he is set to star in The Avengers and an untitled project by JAMES GRAY.