ENTOURAGE star Jeremy Piven lashed out at US TV host BILLY BUSH on the red carpet of the Emmys on Sunday (27AUG06), telling the presenter, "You have potential as a human being." Piven has just finished filming The Kingdom with Jennifer Garner, where he came into contact with the actress' baby VIOLET. After asking Piven about young Violet, Bush - cousin of US President George W Bush - then began barraging the actor with questions about celebrity babies during the interview for ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. When Bush asked if he had seen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's baby SHILOH NOUVEL in his Malibu, California neighbourhood, Piven replied, "No... I have 116 other things to do... I don't go hunting for celebrity babies, thank you, Billy." After then being grilled about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter SURI, Piven snapped, "You need another job. You have potential as a human being. This may not be right for you. Seriously - can you focus on other things?"