Entourage star Jeremy Piven was stunned when he landed a film role after showing up to an interview looking dishevelled following a three-storey fall from outside his London home.

The actor was shooting Mr Selfridge in the U.K. when he was asked to meet for a part over lunch on a day off.

Piven reveals he went for a run to prepare himself for the interview and the key to his house fell out, so he had to try to clamber into his bedroom through an open window.

He explains, "I climbed up the back of my house... There's, like, a wooden fence that I can climb onto and then kind of jump into my window... (but) it's a fake wooden fence that came off in my hand... I had enough time to turn in the air and land so hard that the kids in the yard next door started screaming.

"I landed on my wrists and my knees and my feet... and my immediate thought is: 'I'm in the middle of shooting, how long is this gonna take? I probably broke both my wrists, I probably broke a couple of ribs, the knees are gone, I'll be in a body cast...' and then I got up - and I was Ok!

"I'm in public, a sweaty, bloody American mess and I go to brunch at a very kind of stuffy British spot, and I look like the Unabomber (scruffy Ted Kaczynski) - and I got the job... I think they felt sorry for me."