The actress is a national treasure in England, and since playing Queen Elizabeth II in 2006's The Queen, many think of Helen as regal. Actress Kristin Scott Thomas has even commented that she's sure some people confuse Helen and the Queen.

While Jeremy knows the difference, he still got flustered when he met Helen at the Emmys. "She always delivers and she’s kind of ageless," he gushed to Britain's ES Magazine. "I met her backstage at the Emmys, where we were both lucky enough to have hardware in our hands, and I was gushing and telling her how great she was.

“It was like meeting royalty, even though she’s so down to earth. I curtsied at one point.”

Jeremy made his name on US TV show Entourage, playing movie agent Ari Gold. The part won him three Emmys in total and a Golden Globe, and he went on to star in 2015's film version of the show.

He's a big fan of British actors and the UK itself, setting up home across the pond for his starring role in TV drama Mr Selfridge. When the 50-year-old met Brit actor Clive Owen while out for dinner one night, he couldn't stop himself from grilling him on Clive's own mini-series, The Knick.

“I had a bunch of questions," he grinned. "We weren’t sat next to each other, just awkwardly sitting on opposite tables, but he was gracious enough to answer them.”

His time in England hasn't all been plain sailing though, with Jeremy recently revealing he's upset locals by refusing tequila shots.

"There's a responsibility to carrying a show and I take that seriously, so as a result I may have one tequila and not six," he told Britain's Hello! magazine. "But people in this country can get a little offended when you say you don't want another drink. People here are more resilient. I think they feel that if you've got a hangover, you're a rock star. To me, it's just a celebration of pain."