Jeremy Piven found filming the new 'Entourage' movie ''uncomfortable'' and ''draining''.

The 49-year-old actor - who plays Ari Gold in the upcoming comedy, which is a continuation of the eponymous HBO series - has confessed portraying the character left him ''incredibly exhausted'' as many of the scenes required him to be ''angry'' and give into his ''dark side''.

The star told Collider online: ''It has been uncomfortable.

''They could study me and my physical state in terms of how stress plays on your body, because the reality is...For instance, if you are an incredibly reactive person and you are working on your lowest level, and if you continuously give into your dark side and are angry, and screaming, and breaking things, and you do that for hours and hours on end, you are going to be incredibly exhausted.''

The 'Mr Selfridge' star added he has found the role to be both a ''blessing'' and a ''curse'' but insists he is ''grateful'' to have been able to take on the character once again.

He added: ''That's just the way life is. So the character was a blessing and a curse in the way that it is so fun to play him. And he is unstable. It's cathartic, but at the same time, it's incredibly draining. But I am so grateful to be able to ride with him again in the movie.''

'Entourage' the movie is scheduled to hit cinemas on 19 June 2015.