Jeremy Piven has sparked speculation he is romancing Rachel Hunter.

The 'Mr. Selfridge' star was spotted leaving trendy nightclub The Groucho Club in London with the blonde model on Friday night (20.09.13), after spending a very ''cosy'' evening together.

Eyewitnesses told the MailOnline website that the duo immediately separated when they were recognised by photographers.

Rachel, 44, who previously dated Robbie Williams and was married to Rod Stewart for 16 years until 2006, later hinted that she had a very romantic evening.

She tweeted a picture of a fox with the caption: ''Fox & Full Moon... In London ... MAGIC''

Jeremy, 48, has made himself at home in the UK since moving there to play department store tycoon Harry Selfridge in the ITV drama series.

The 'Entourage' star was briefly linked to former 'X Factor' winner Alexandra Burke and dated a mysterious brunette beauty in May.

Jeremy appears to have more time for a relationship as it was recently revealed that production on the 'Entourage' movie has been delayed because some of his co-stars want more money.

A source previously said: ''They wanted to start filming early this summer, but the cast has been on hold. Jeremy finally signed his contract two weeks ago. His deal closed August 29. But there are other members of the cast, including Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara, who are still holding out.''