Jeremy Piven admires Tom Hardy's ''balls''.

The 'Mr Selfridge' star admits that while he has never seen the 'The Dark Knight Rises' actor's manhood, he was inspired by his ''fearless'' approach to acting when they starred together in 'Black Hawk Down'.

Jeremy told the latest issue of Fault Magazine: ''I like Tom Hardy's balls. I mean not literally, I've never seen Tom Hardy's balls, just for the record. We worked together in 'Black Hawk Down' and he's a gamer, he's always up for it, he's fearless and he's really fun to watch as well.''

The 48-year-old actor also named the actors who have been inspirations throughout his career.

Jeremy mused: ''The first person to come to mind would be Javier Bardem. He never lets you down. He's a complete and utter inspiration.

''Mark Rylance - I was lucky enough to see him on stage in 'Twelfth Night' and I hope to see him in 'Richard III' in New York. He's completely improvisational, totally alive on stage doing Shakespeare.''

Meanwhile, Jeremy revealed he would love to star in a Shakespeare story alongside 'Luther' actor Idris Elba, and is keen to collaborate with him for future projects.

He gushed: ''Getting back to Shakespeare, I'd love to mix it up with Idris Elba. I'd love to work with Idris really in anything.''