Jeremy London's kidnapper Brandon Ray Adams has pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment.
Jeremy London, the American actor who was abducted by several men in June 2010 , says he feels "vindicated" after one of his kidnappers pleaded guilty in a Palm Springs court, reports People Magazine.Ray Adams also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour charge of unlawfully taking the actor's rented Ford Focus vehicle. On hearing the news, London said, "I feel vindicated. But I'm hardly jumping for joy. The damage that has been done to my career, reputation and family is almost irreparable". The 'Party of Five' actor was abducted in June 2010 by several men who stopped to help him change a flat tyre in Palm Springs, California. London said the men had pulled a gun on him, drove him around for 12 hours while making him take ecstasy and smoke methamphetamine, and then stole his car. The case took a bizarre twist when the actor's mother and brother publically stated that they had doubts about the story, fuelling speculation that the actor had fabricated the kidnapping.
Jeremy London said, "I knew all along I was telling the truth and so did the police" and claims that he hasn't heard from his mother and brother since the incident. Brandon Ray Adams, who has been behind bars since his arrest last June, is set to gain paroled on Wednesday (9th March 2011) as part of a plea deal.