His teenage relative, named Sarah, was sent to the school in the hopes teachers there would be able to make her rethink her sexuality, and the Supergirl star was left stunned.

Reports suggest her folks refused to accept the fact their daughter would be going to her high school prom with a girlfriend, and they sent her off to the school for a year.

She is not allowed to have any contact with the outside world and has to take Bible-based therapy classes every day, according to JustJared.com.

Jeremy and his family have launched a Gofundme.com campaign to raise money for the legal costs of trying to win Sarah‘s release from the school, and they've raised over $21,000 (GBP14,500) so far. Openly gay star Colton Haynes has handed over $5,000 (GBP3,500) out of his own pocket, tweeting: "This absolutely breaks my heart. Pls (please) help Jeremy Jordan’s cousin be her true self."

Jordan also tweeted followers over the weekend (04Jun15), urging them to give generously.

"My amazing friends & fans, PLEASE help us save my sweet gay cousin Sarah who's trapped at a boarding facility in TX," he wrote.