Actor Jeremy Jordan came to the rescue during the premiere of his new film The Last 5 Years by rushing to the stage when the lights went out.

Jordan took the stage at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City after a bizarre series of events led to a power outage, halting the screening of his new movie with Anna Kendrick on Monday night (09Feb15).

Firstly, the lights in the packed cinema went on, prompting director Richard LaGravenese to ask the projectionist to stop the film, and then everything went off - including the power to the projection booth, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Realising something was wrong, Jordan jumped up and asked the audience, "Does anyone know Cathy's part?", suggesting someone join him on stage to play Kendrick's character, since the actress was not present for the premiere.

The Broadway vet called up LaGravenese, and he willingly sat on the actor's lap while the amused audience members used their cell phones to light up the stage.

The power in the venue eventually came back on, and the screening continued as planned.

The Last 5 Years, which chronicles the beginning and end of a young couple's marriage, opens in the U.S. on Friday (13Feb15).