Former child star Jeremy Jackson snubbed roles in major Hollywood movies including Free Willy at the height of his drug hell because he was sure his fame would last forever even if he refused to work.

The actor began experimenting with drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy after leaving hit Tv show Baywatch, and his addictions spiralled out of control during a two-year period before reached the age of 21.

Jackson was offered a number of high profile film roles while in the grip of his drug habit, but turned them down.

He tells Britain's Ok! magazine, "When I was high, I thought I was running the show. Everybody wanted me, huge movies wanted me, I was turning down movies such as Free Willy and A Walk To Remember with Mandy Moore because everybody wanted me. I thought it (fame) would last forever and I was like, 'You want me, you can't have me, I'll do what I want to do and if I feel like you (are) paying me (enough)... to talk into a microphone for a commercial, maybe I will.'

"I had two top 10 (music chart) hits, I'd travelled all over Europe, I had the most gorgeous girlfriends since I was 12, I thought I was an adult, I was getting driven around with all this money... that created the perfect storm of a little monster."

The 32 year old, who claims to have been sober since 2000, admits he now regrets snubbing so many acting opportunities: "I spent years beating myself up over that and I've come to realise the knowledge I gained from those mistakes is more valuable than the Ferraris and houses I'd have right now if I'd done that. If and when I'm a jerk now, I feel terrible and fearful."