Former child star Jeremy Jackson has persistent police investigators to thank for his recovery from a crystal methamphetamine addiction, because his arrest was a low he never wanted to repeat. The actor, who played HOBIE BUCHANNON on Baywatch in the 1990s, was busted by police in New Port Beach, California, last year (05) after setting up an illegal meth lab in his home. Jackson, who quit Baywatch at 19 so he could spend more time getting high, admits his arrest was the best thing that could have happened to him because it led to a six-month lockdown rehab that led to him getting past his drug demons. He says, "I'm sitting there smoking meth. I can't get high anymore. I'm so miserable. I had been watched for two weeks by the Newport Beach police department, who saw me grow up - they know who I am. "They're following me for two weeks getting ready to bust me, to put in prison for seven to 35 years. That was my low. "I did 90 days in jail and I did six months in rehab and that rehab stuck."