Former BAYWATCH star Jeremy Jackson quit the hit surf soap at 19 because he was more interested in getting high on crystal methamphetamine than playing David Hasselhoff's son. The child star played HOBIE BUCHANNON in Baywatch throughout the 1990s, but lost interest in an acting career when he became hooked on the "satanic drug" when he was 17. He says, "I met this girl and I fell in love with this girl... and she had just started using meth and that's how it started right there. "It really affected me in a phenomenal way. I had all the answers, I had never been so focused or confident in my life. It was miraculous. I felt like I could tackle any project. "That great feeling doesn't last very long... not even a month after that you're not really able to get out of the house, you're putting off interviews and meetings and big offers. "I'm supposed to be going to Baywatch first thing in the morning... I'm this surfer kid, fresh out of the ocean and I haven't slept at all for a couple of days and I'm showing up to the set like that... I would be up for a week at a time sometimes." Jackson struggled with his double life for two years until he had to choose between the meth and the show. He adds, "I was 130 pounds, my face is bleeding; I have scabs and scars all over my face from this obsessive picking that you have no control of stopping. "I looked horrible. All I wanted was a lot of meth. I quit. I had the world at my fingertips at 19 and I said, 'Screw it all, I wanna get high.'"