Jeremy Irons has defended 'Justice League' and 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' after the movies were slated by critics.

The 69-year-old actor portrayed Alfred Pennyworth, the loyal butler to Bruce Wayne aka Batman, in the two DC Extended Universe movies, but despite decent box office returns both films received poor reviews from many professional cinema goers.

Despite being part of the DC Comics stories, Irons admits he's not a huge watcher of big action blockbusters but he insists both films are ''fine'' in their own genre.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, Irons said: ''For what they are, those movies are fine. Critics lambast them but audiences seem to like them - the figures are pretty good, so they obviously make money. It's horses for courses. It is not the sort of film I normally watch but that is no judgement on them.''

This isn't the first time the actor has admitted he doesn't enjoy shooting huge movies as much as smaller films because he spends most of his time doing publicity or waiting around.

Quizzed on whether he finds bigger films such as 'Batman v Superman' as fulfilling as smaller projects, he previously said: ''Less so, because they're so slow.

''There's a lot of waiting around and then a huge amount of publicity. One spends 70 per cent of the time doing publicity, 10 per cent of the time filming, and 20 per cent of the time waiting.

''I love working with Ben [Affleck] and Zack Snyder. They've been fun.''

Irons can currently be seen alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton in the new spy thriller 'Red Sparrow' and the British thespian has described Lawrence is an ''immensely free, zany, adventurous'' woman.

He said: ''She really is a one-off. She's so much her own woman. She is immensely free, zany, adventurous, doesn't give a s**t, all the things that are good if you're going to play characters who are very different to you.''