British movie star Jeremy Irons can't reduce his fleet of classic cars because his son doesn't want them as a gift.

The actor had hoped to pass on his vintage Volkswagen Beetle to his son SAMUEL because he bought it as a gift for him the year he was born.

But Samuel, now 26, fears he lives in too rough a part of London to risk driving a classic car.

Irons says, "I was going to give it to him because it sort of is his, except he's frightened by the places where he lives - they're too sort of wild and people might put a knife through the roof - so I still garage it and I drive it. It gives me

great pleasure."

But the car enthusiast admits his collection is getting out of hand: "I love driving great cars. I have a BMW. I also drive an Audi because it's quick and doesn't look it. I drive a Land Rover because I have a place that has very bad roads and fields.

"And my wife (Sinead Cusack) has a BMW mini which I quite like in London. We have too many cars."

30/12/2004 01:09