Former S CLUB singer RACHEL STEVENS split with her TV star fiance because she was obsessed with her appearance.

In an interview given before the couple announced the end of their relationship this week (begs18AUG03) British actor Jeremy Edwards gives an insight into his life with the stunning singer.

Edwards, 32, tells British celebrity magazine NOW rows, over the time he had to wait for the 25-year-old beauty to get ready every time they went out, put a strain on their relationship.

He moans, "It's a bone of contention. It's all the faffing and taking ages - I get fed up waiting."

In the interview, the actor also confesses the couple frequently fell out over their search for a new home together.

He adds, "It's a nightmare because we can't find a home, but then it becomes a bit much living out of a bag at someone else's house. It's not the same."

The couple have called off their engagement, but insist they are currently working through their problems.

21/08/2003 02:19