British television presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been questioned by police after he was accused of abusing a teenager. The Top Gear star detailed an incident in his column in British newspaper The Sunday Times in which he was harassed by a gang of youths outside a sports centre in Milton Keynes, England, on 23 November (07). The group of youngsters pursued Clarkson, who then lifted one boy by his top. Clarkson admitted in the newspaper he was worried about being prosecuted for assault, and so set the boy down again. Clarkson was interviewed by police at his home, who later stated the star was the victim, not the boy. However Clarkson insisted he neither wished to make a complaint or make a statement about the offence. A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police says, "Mobile phone images were viewed, as well as CCTV footage, and it became apparent that, if any offence had occurred, it was the man who was the victim. "There is no evidence that a crime took place and therefore there will be no police action."