Top British TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has moved out of the mansion he shares with his wife amid reports of infidelity.
The Top Gear star has laughed off rumours of an extramarital affair with a colleague, but reveals he and his wife of 18 years are spending time apart.
A source close to Clarkson tells the Daily Mail newspaper the couple needed space as they try to recover from allegations of the car driving guru's infidelity.
In his newspaper column for the Times on Saturday (14May11), the 50 year old revealed he has moved into an unfurnished flat in London after moving out of the $3 million (£1.9 million) Oxfordshire mansion he shares with his wife Frances.
His column is largely upbeat as he muses about the things he truly needs - but he turns reflective and writes, "If you do lose your job and you end up living in a barn, with just a fire to keep you warm and nothing to eat but what you can find in a hedge, be happy - because you’ll be having a much better life than me."