Jenny Packham says Adele is the best celebrity she's ever dressed.

The British designer is a firm favourite with A-list stars like the Duchess of Cambridge and Angelina Jolie, but she revealed dressing the 'Skyfall' singer for the Oscars last February in a sparkling black gown was one of the all-time highlights of her career.

Asked about her best red carpet moment, she told E! News: ''There's been so many. I loved the dress that Adele wore to the Oscars.

''I thought [she] was so lovely to do because she was so excited to be there and to win so that was wonderful. That was quite a moment for us.''

The fashion star likes to get inspiration from other designers and their innovative use of texture and colour, but when it comes to her own style, she prefers the chic sophistication of Prada.

Jenny said: ''There are people that I like looking at their collections. I like Dries. I love his stuff with colours and prints. Maybe not always the soft shapes for me but I just like looking at the textures and embroidery.

''I'm a big Prada fan. I always think that they seem to fit me well.''

The designer is busy working on ideas for her next ready-to-wear collection and is hoping inspiration will strike during her travels.

Jenny explained: ''Every season is a different thing. Maybe somewhere that I've been. Last year, I went to Las Vegas and just thought, 'Oh dear this isn't what I imagined it to be', so I thought I'd go ahead and create what I thought it was.''