Model/actress Jenny McCarthy was so concerned about the seizure medication doctors prescribed for her autistic son, she tried it for herself - and became Ozzy Osbourne for the day. The sexy blonde admits she had "a weird mommy moment" when she started to realise her then-three-year-old son Evan had been misdiagnosed as an epileptic. The little boy reacted violently to his medication and so MCCarthy decided to try it. She recalls, "He went psychotic on them (medication)... He was hallucinating, he was banging his head against the wall, he didn't recognise me, and that was really hard. "The next medicine they gave me, I wanted to try. It's not something I'd recommend to anyone but I wanted to know... how he felt, so I took his seizure meds. "No offence to Ozzy Osbourne but (I felt) exactly like Ozzy. I was slurring my speech, I was a little off balance and I was drooling a bit. "I said to myself, 'This will at least stop the seizures and mommy will find something better... I felt really scared because I didn't know what was going on." MCCarthy insisted on several second opinions about her son's condition and eventually a top Los Angeles neurologist diagnosed autism. For the past two years, MCCarthy has battled her son's autism and now insists Evan's darkest days are behind him - and he no longer reacts violently to his medication.