Actress/model Jenny McCarthy is amazed she's still alive and well, because she's had numerous brushes with death.

As a child the blonde beauty suffered a barrage of accidents including being hit by a car, and a near-fatal choking seizure.

She says, "I've had so many near-death experiences. When I was six I choked on a piece of candy and was in a room on my own but no one could hear me. In my head I was calling for my mum and then suddenly she appeared and did the Heimlich manoeuvre.

"Then, when I was seven, I was hit by a car, flew up in the air and landed on my feet. I have no idea why I am still here, actually. It really is unbelievable."

And she is convinced she is invincible: "I think when I do finally go, people will be saying, 'Thank god she's finally dead.'"