Actress Jenny McCarthy has ditched her movie no-nudity clause to boost international interest in her new film DIRTY LOVE.

The SCREAM 3 star makes her screenplay writing debut and stars in the saucy comedy, which is directed by her husband John Asher, and she was determined to go all out to make the project a hit.

The new mum admits losing her baby weight and looking "hot" again was another major incentive to showing a little flesh in the film, which also stars Carmen Electra.

The former Playboy pin-up says, "After weighing 200 pounds when I was pregnant, I wanted to show off my s**t. I realised, 'You know what? I love being hot.'

"One day on the set I said, 'John, I've been thinking about foreign sales, and there needs to be some t*ts... But I don't want it to be gratuitous. There has to be a laugh behind it.'

"So I said to Carmen before filming started, 'Listen, my boob's going to fall out in this scene and I want you to say, 'Girl, your big ol' t**ty's hanging out.'"

After shooting the scene, McCarthy admits she's game for almost anything: "I'll do anything as long as it doesn't make people vomit."

05/07/2005 02:55