Jenny McCarthy might marry Jim Carrey for "tax purposes".

The former Playboy model - who has been dating the 48-year-old comic actor for five years - has apparently changed her mind about refusing to wed and has admitted she is tempted to tie the knot to save money.

She said: "We say 'never,' but I don't know. Maybe for tax purposes, someday, when we are old."

Even if the ceremony does go ahead, the 37-year-old actress can't see it happening for at least 30 more years because they're very settled in their relationship.

She explained: "That's what we keep joking - like, when we are 70! But for now, we're fine. We are really fine!"

For now, the blonde beauty is happy being a mother to her seven-year-old son Evan - from a previous relationship - and can't wait to be an "awesome grandma" when Jim's daughter Jane gives birth in the next few weeks.

She added to "I love it! I love, love, love it. I think I'm going to be the awesome grandma, the world's best, is what I say."