Jenny McCarthy is ''taking baby Steps'' into dating again.

The actress and comedian - who split from Jim Carrey after five years together in 2010 - has recently been linked to NFL player Brian Urlacher, but she's being cautious of how things develop.

She told Parade magazine: ''I haven't made too many comments other than the fact that I'm taking baby steps. We'll see. But I'm giddy right now.''

Jenny - who now hosts dating show 'Love in the Wild' - was spotted out on a date with Brian earlier this month, and he is said to be smitten with her, but also keen to take any chance of a relationship one step at a time.

A source told ''Brian really likes Jenny, and not just because she's hot.

''They've gone out a few times, but he's trying to take it slow. He thinks Jenny is awesome, but he just got out of a relationship a few weeks ago.''

Jenny, 39, is also cautious, and admitted it has taken her a long to be ready to date anyone again.

She said: ''It took awhile. I felt like, 'Oh, I'm so alone I have to be with somebody.' But I got to a place whereI'm happy with myself. I don't need to have a lover to have love in my life.''

The star also has a rule about meeting her son, Evan, nine, which means she has only introduced him to Jim since she split from husband John Mallory Asher in 2005.

She explained: ''I have a six-month rule. I don't introduce my son to anybody unless someone makes it six months.''